Car Search with Dynamic Ranking

This is an extension of the Inventory Search API with dynamic inventory ranking built on top of the search results. Marketcheck has taken a novel approach to ranking listings on the fly and has kept the ranking parameters completely configurable according to the users preference / use cases / market understanding.


  • Inventory Ranking API has following endpoints
API Name Endpoint Description
Inventory Ranked Search /search/car/active/rank Ranks active listings fetched based on search parameters and ranking criteria
Inventory Ranked Listings /search/car/active/rank/listings Ranks input listings based on ranking criteria

Brief API Details:

  1. For Inventory Ranked Search API, the search inputs are similar to Inventory Search API.
  2. Depending upon the search parameters, the active inventory in the market will be ranked, using the ranking criteria.
  3. The ranking criteria can be customised, by providing weights, based on the use case.
  4. Inventory Ranked Listings API, allows users to directly provide a bunch of Marketcheck listing ids as input, for ranking.

The Inventory Ranked Search API takes below two inputs:

  • Search Parameters
  • Ranking Criteria

Search Parameters:

  • All the search parameters used in Inventory Search API can be used here.
  • Defaults for sort and range filters are below. These will be used if there are no user provided sort and range filters.


  • Sort:
    • is_certified desc
    • price asc
    • miles asc
  • Range Filters:
    • price=1-
    • miles=1-


  • The top X records from the search results are used for ranking.
  • X is the max pagination limit based on your current subscription (Basic/Standard/Pro).
  • The sort and range filters determine the records that will be a part of top X records.
  • Please use them in conjunction with the weights for the ranking criteria. (discussed below)

Ranking Criteria:

  • This includes criteria on which each unit will be ranked.
  • For each criteria, the weight needs to be provided.
  • The weight signifies the importance of the criteria in the ranking.
  • Higher the weight, greater the importance of the criteria.
  • All the weights must sum up to 100

Following are the ranking criteria’s and there default weights

Parameter Default Weight
price 20
miles 20
is_certified 30
dom 10
dom_180 5
dom_active 5
city_mpg 5
highway_mpg 5

Users can customise the weights as per their use case.


  • Sort and range filters must be used/adjusted as per the ranking criteria weights.
  • Ex. In default values you can see the weight of is_certified is the highest and it subsequently decreases for price & miles and that is why we have sorted the vehicles on is_certified first and then on price and miles.

API Usage Examples:

  • Search & Rank by Make/Model

  • Search & Rank by Body Type

  • Search & Rank with User Provided Ranking Criteria

  • Rank Listings