How to reduce cost for Dealer Active Inventory API

Do you pull dealer inventory by dealer id or dealer website? If so, you can save on data cost by optimizing how you update their listings.

If you pull all of the listings each time you update a dealer’s inventory, then you are paying multiple times for the listings that have not changed since your last update.

To optimize your usage, you can use this process -

  1. Onboarding a dealer for the first time, make the call to pull all of their inventory.

Marketcheck API- Dealer Active Inventory{{api_key}}&dealer_id=1004115&owned=true

  1. The next time you update the dealers inventory, you only want to pull newly posted listings and the listings that have changed price, miles, or image url’s.

You can use the parameter &first_seen_at_range=[date after you last updated the dealers inventory]{{api_key}}&dealer_id=1004115&owned=true&first_seen_range=20210121-*

  1. You need to remove the listings that went inactive or sold. This is possible on the Recent Inventory API which has a lower cost than the Dealer Active Inventory API.

Marketcheck API- Recent Inventory- Get Dealers Own Inventory- Filter by Last Seen Date{{api_key}}&dealer_id=1004115&owned=true

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