[Release] Marketcheck API staging release 2.07

Today we released the build 2.07 to the staging instance of Marketcheck API. This build contained 2 new features, couple of bug fixes and 1 utility tool that will aid users while evaluating the API and in development. Following are the details of the release -

New Features:

1. MDS (Market Days Supply) API

All of the Search API parameters are now available on MDS API endpoint

  • Get MDS for a make and/or model and/or any YMMT specification on city / state / national level
  • Get MDS for a dealer or dealership group
  • Response schema has changed, and now returns array of matching YMMT when debug is set to true

Docs - https://staging.apidocs.marketcheck.com/#173e729d-44c3-4647-bcbe-3e7a56648730

2. Sales Stats API

Distinction between certified pre-owned (CPO) and non CPO stats in case of used vehicles sales statistics

  • Existing sales stats for Used vehicles return combined stats for CPO and non CPO cars. This skews the stats for both car conditions
  • Now we’re computing these stats seperately and are returned in response as such
  • Response schema has changed, for used cars stats, API response will contain a CPO prefix (like cpo_price_stats, cpo_miles_stats ) and for non CPO and new cars existing keys will be giving stats information (Like price_stats, miles_stats )

Docs - https://staging.apidocs.marketcheck.com/#47538572-12c3-4800-9bb0-400aa9ddc7b3

Bug Fixes:

1. Dealer API - multi word city name search fixed

While searching dealers API, when city parameter was used with value that contained space (like San Antonio ), 0 results were retuned. This has been fixed and parameter works as expected.

2. Listings / VDP API - Empty build object in some responses fixed

In /listings endpoints, when Marketcheck was missing a build information for a listing, some responses contained an empty build object. This was inconsistent with the rest of the API interface. So we have fixed this and if build is missing then that key will not be present in the API response

Other Changes:

Search API - Returning Relevant Links

To make it easier for users to get familiar with all the API offerings and fetch similar / relevant resource to the current listing, we’ve added a utility in API response that will contain all the relevant API links to the current listing.
This is a utility that can be mainly used in development by toggeling the new parameter include_relevant_links to true . Following are some of the API endpoints this utility returns

  • Listing details page / VDP API URL
  • Similar cars
    • YMM / YMMT
    • Near by / City / State / National
    • From Auctions or Private parties
  • Market APIs
    • MDS
    • Sales Stats - Make, model, YMM, YMMT level
  • Dealer API
    • Dealers Info
    • Nearby dealers
  • Listing dealers active and recent inventory URLs
  • Advanced VIN Decoder URL
  • Recalls URL
  • Incentive URLs
    Please visit the documentation link given below for more details - https://staging.apidocs.marketcheck.com/#fd0a9726-69f8-4bbc-ac4b-7823d6ed83fc